Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where I live

Challenge 4 at Project Quilting was "Where I Live". It had a twist, however, in that you were limited to using 3 colors and they had to be chosen from the first letters of the street where I live, the city where I live and the state.  In my case I used "d" for Desert Highlands, "t" for Tucson, and "a" for Arizona.
I chose daffodil, turquoise and aubergine for my colors and since our geography is so unique in that we have the giant saguaro cactus as one of our desert icons.  Had to use it!  So I used our mountains as the background pulling in the aubergine (fancy name for dark purple), the turquoise is the cactus and daffodil, the gorgeous sunsets we enjoy so much in the Sonoron Desert. 
This was a fun challenge because of it's limits and I enjoyed making this 12 x14" piece for my entry.

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