Sunday, January 14, 2018

Project Quilting Season 9 Challenge 1

Season 9 in Project Quilting started this past week - Hometown Proud - is the theme.  Since we live in Tucson, AZ where the majestic saguar cactus thrive and are unique to the area, I thought I would honor this stately giant.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Here's a cute little mini I made awhile back.  SMALL pieces!  The 4-patch bow ties are made with 1-1/2" squares and 1" snowball square in the one corner.  It's made from civil war fabrics and cream.  It is a mini kit from TEMECULA QUILT SHOP.  Fun to make!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fruit of The Spirit  Swap-Kindness

I found flowers to use in this swap.  Often the language of flowers was used by the Victorians to convey meaning when words wouldn't do.  The non-flamboyant flax flower stood for kindness.

Faithfulness in the flesh is how I have always described our dachshund, Pretzel.  She left us two years ago and this quiltie was in remembrance of her.  Faithfulness is one of the fruits of the Spirit, and this is how I interpreted mine.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This is a challenge from Project Quilting.  Annie Young's art was our inspiration.  While she uses canvas and oil, I used fabric.  I started with a base of batik and made this triptych in Annie's honor.
Perfect for this time of year, don't you think??

I participated in Project Quilting's Second Season Challenge this year.  One of our assignments was to choose a magazine, go to page 28 and receive inspiration from it.  The above is page 28 from Better Homes and Gardens, I think? and below is my interpretation of it.  For being a small quilt - just 8 x 10", I spent hours and hours on it!  I first graphed it out, then built it from the top down.  What a challenge, but I was totally pleased with the finished result!
Here's a mug rug I made for a bunch of ladies who I meet with.  We always have a lot of fun and I wanted to make the day extra special.  I found the bugs in a quilt magazine and made a portion of the vines.  The background is strip quilted.  Cute, huh?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Here is the LOVE  6x6" quiltie that I sent to Dawn in Canada.  I enjoyed coming up with things that we love, then wrote them onto fabric strips and put them into a heart with a pocket.  The reverse side is from I Corinthians 13, the LOVE chapter.
We held a long-running swap over at Art4Mail honoring the Fruits of the Spirit.  Here is a 6x6" quiltie that I made for Vickie in Canada.  The first fruit is LOVE and this was my offering to her featuring the language of flowers.  The anemone stands for unfading love, which is the kind that God has for each of us.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where I live

Challenge 4 at Project Quilting was "Where I Live". It had a twist, however, in that you were limited to using 3 colors and they had to be chosen from the first letters of the street where I live, the city where I live and the state.  In my case I used "d" for Desert Highlands, "t" for Tucson, and "a" for Arizona.
I chose daffodil, turquoise and aubergine for my colors and since our geography is so unique in that we have the giant saguaro cactus as one of our desert icons.  Had to use it!  So I used our mountains as the background pulling in the aubergine (fancy name for dark purple), the turquoise is the cactus and daffodil, the gorgeous sunsets we enjoy so much in the Sonoron Desert. 
This was a fun challenge because of it's limits and I enjoyed making this 12 x14" piece for my entry.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project Quilting - Challenge 3 - Tool Time

Here is my challenge answer to Project Quilting's third session - Tool Time.  I wanted to make something that is useful, as opposed to a wall hanging or some other curious thing that you need to think about in order to put it to use.  One of the girls at our quilt group brought her blocks in for show and tell and she kept them in a clever block keeper that her mother in law had made for her.  So I borrowed that idea and made a block keeper for the challenge.  I found a yard of floral in my stash and decided it would make a good background for the keeper.  I'd never done anything in redwork and thought it would be fun to give this technique a try as well.  I found images online of the four tools I needed.  The featherweight would be the leading icon with the other three a bit smaller.  I set the machine for a narrow zigzag satin stitch and, after tracing the images, just followed my lines.

The keeper opens up to about 27" long by 14" wide.  There are handles at the top and two ties at each side which will keep the blocks being carried in place.  This was a fun project and I ended up winning a prize when Kim, Project Quilting's Mom, drew names.  Well worth the effort!  Plus this will be for sale at our annual Christmas Boutique for Charity this December.

Hearts Mug Rug

Recently I made a one to one trade with Sandy from California and we decided our mug rugs would have a hearts theme, celebrating Valentine's Day.  I found a paper pieced heart pattern online and downloaded it.  Then I rummaged through all the scraps around the sewing room and picked out the pinks, reds, red-oranges, pales and etc.  The photo makes it look like it curls up on the lower left side, but it's actually quite flat and even!  Sandy emailed me to say that it had arrived and she was very pleased, making me very pleased as well.