Friday, June 25, 2010

Felted Wool Boot Needlecase Project

Here is what I've been doing lately - dyeing wool from the powder in drink envelopes. It's quick and easy and way more safe than using chemical dyes. The colors are beautiful and the process is quick. So I had this pile of wool in these beautiful colors and wondered what to do with it. Then I remember the pattern that my friend Linda designed and knew I had the perfect opportunity to give her boots a great new life! If you're interested in this pattern, just email her!


Anonymous said...

This boot needle case is FABULOUS!!!I LOVE quirky things!Just love sewing ephemera. It is lovely to use all those special little needle cases, pincushions etc.I collect pincushions.I daren't start collecting needlecases!!


Too cute! Love it! Also love all of your purses!