Friday, June 25, 2010

Nine Little Cubes Awaiting

Aren't these little snails just too cute! I actually prefer them to the ones that we had to deal with while living in California!

I've included a shot of the rough layout of this bag. Without giving too much detail away because this is a pattern that is for sale (see This 'n That in older posts), you can see it's pretty easy to make and then complete. I can get one done in less than an hour and that's including zip install!

Here are the 9 finished cubes awaiting! These will be filled with hotel-sized toiletries and then given to our local women's shelter. I just love making them--they're easy--takes fabric scraps for the most part and even stitching the zipper goes fast. I've included some of the close ups from little icons I've found and stitched on the pieces before they're finished.

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Reflections of life and art said...

Barbara, I love your cubes...and less than an! I see one with a ladybug on it...I was just telling one of my Sunday school kids that ladybugs are my fave...she likes butterflies...too cute!
I like the new look of your blog...hope all is well with you and the family...Hugs, Noel