Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mama Hummer and her babies

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed a nest in the Palo Verde tree in our front yard. It was too tiny to be anything other than a Hummingbird's. Sure enough we have enjoyed watching mama keep close to this nest and once while she was gone, I sneaked in close enough to get a shot of the eggs. Early this week, I noted she was 'fiddling' around the edge of the nest and wondered if the babies had actually hatched. Sure enough, we sneaked in once again and got a shot of the two babies side by side. It will be fun to watch them mature.

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Lisa Fibers Creations said...

Oh our dear Lord in Heaven as at work again. How precious. Babies of any kind are almost as if your lookiing in the face of God, so innocent, pure and unblemished. what a wonderous chance for you to see. love your gal friend Lisa