Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Preztel

Today is our mini dachshund's 12th birthday. You know how we have a tendency to show the most flattering photos of ourselves and it's always a glam head shot or such. Well, it's no different for our sweet little Pretzel. She's 12 and has had some very hard years recently. About 5 years ago, she was diagnosed with SARD - Sudden Acute Retinal Degeneration - rendering her blind. This came as such a blow to us, but she soldiered on and has gotten on amazingly well, although we do not take her out of the house very often. Then, within the past 3 years, she's contracted enough affliction to need to be on prednisone. Now if you've ever been on this nasty stuff, you'll know that it isn't nice to your body. It makes her ravenous and she was always hungry anyway because she's a hound and lives for food. Her once beautiful body has become bloated, she's lost all of her whiskers and eyelashes, and where they've had to shave to put in for blood tests, the hair has not grown back. So this glam shot of her isn't what she looks like today, but we continue to love her and are trying to help her celebrate her twelve years. Happy birthday, darlin'.


Nicki Lee said...

Ah.... Happy Brithday Pretzel! What a cutie pie!

Lisa Alff said...

Our Awsume God knows how much more we love our aflicked little animal friends and even though they suffer, they still give us their love freely and joyfully. How much more special are those who depend on our love and devotion to get them through. So precious and beautiful they are. Lisa

deb poole aka kustomgal said...

As a child, we had Doxies. Many, many,many of them. I love the stubborn little things. You are so lucky to have your Pretzel for so many years. She has given your life so many wonderful memories.
Happy belated birthday Pretzel! woof.. woof to you.