Monday, January 10, 2011

Fabric Paper

On Thursday of this past week, one of the Art4Mail ladies, Pam, taught an online class on paper-fabric making. I've shown my step by step here so that if anyone out there is interested, you can kind of get the idea about how it's done. It's very easy!! I have a plastic covered posterboard that is my base. I sprayed it with water, then I laid down a patchwork of overlapping muslin pieces. The next step was to dilute white glue - in my case all I had was wood glue, but it worked just fine - I used soapy water so that the glue went in to solution more quickly. I laid down tissue paper and saturated it with the water/glue dilute.

I used mostly tissue paper for this process, but found I had a kleenex tissue that I had colored tie-dye technique, by folding and dipping into water colors. While this was a fragile piece, it worked out just fine.

I added some gold metallic torn tissue shreds and also some irridescent glitter, later I added yarn bits. I put the board outside to dry in the sun and about two hours later, it was completely stiff and peeled off nicely.
Here is the finished fabric paper! The photo fails to show the irridescence of the glitter I used and also the metallic tissue shows a bit, but it's really shiny and adds just enough glitz. The yarn is Lion Brand Fun Fur and probably needs to be quilted in order to be held fast. This was fun!
Glad I tried it! Thanks, Pam!!


Lisa Fibers Creations said...

really nice Barbara, I really had fun making mine and now look forward to the book exchange... love Lisa

sonja said...

yours turned out really pretty! that was fun! off to mail my booklet to pam! thanks PAM!!

stitch4stitch textiles said...

Looks really pretty, I haven't had time to play yet as I've been away, looks as though you all have had fun and the instructions are good that I can play later.
Diana in U.K

Noel said...

This sounds and looks let me start off with a piece of muslin...than add paper to it after dipping it into the water/glue that right? I would love to try this for a smash book journal I want to start soon.
Tx 4 sharing.
Hugs Noel