Monday, November 22, 2010

It's a Snap

Here are some little cosmetic bags that I've been making lately. Once I have at least a dozen sewn, they are filled with hotel sample-size hygiene products and then given to women's shelters, local resource centers, school nurses and anyone else who could put them to use. They are a lot of fun to make and I've had a chance to use up the lingerie lace that I've had around here for years. This lace is great for trim or in the case of one bag, is the whole featured fabric.
This one was made with yellow fabric then trimmed with this wonderful chiffon-like ruffle trim. Just sew cute!
This bag is made totally from trims - the base that the wide blue lace is sewn to is blanket binding. It's a pretty satiny base and kinda shines through to the front. The center trim is a faux beading look and completes the look.

This one has the same blanket binding and then I used scrap woven trim. I dialed in one of the many decorative stitches and put it down the center of each row.

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Victoria said...

Busy, busy, girlfriend! The bags are adorable!