Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy XXII to Katy

Today is Katy's 22nd Birthday. I know, I know, don't we all know that today is September 11th. Eight years ago, our nation was attacked by religious idiots with a deadly agenda. But, well before, back in 1987, it was Katy's birth date, and we will always celebrate her day on this day each year. Before she came downstairs this morning, I got busy and made a special corner for her near the coffee pot, so that when she loaded her travel mug, she couldn't miss it. Here are some of the photos. The first photo is actually the birthday girl herself and a gorgeous vase of flowers that her brother, Brian, sent along. What a nice surprise that was, since he's all the way back in upstate New York at Ft. Drum. Happy Special Day to a special daughter - actually she's my favorite daughter!


Lisa Alff said...

She is beautiful and what a nice mommy you are Happy Birthday Katy from your moms nutty friend. Hugs Lisa

Anonymous said...

Thank you mom! You're the best!!