Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break Happenings

Katy and two other friends attended a conference in NC focusing on agriculture and other specific and current topics. This took place at the end of March. The logo for this year's event is posted here. Katy learned about 3 weeks before the conference that there is a "friendly" banner competition and that each club is encouraged to make and present their offering. Well, who better to make a banner than Katy and her Mom? I was the brains behind the production of the banner; Katy was the artist and design originator. We began by taking our first cue from the logo - a circle with the theme at top. We used denim as the base fabric and built from there. Following are a few of the photos taken during the steps of its birth. We used the Az flag as our center; had to use a protractor to get those wedges right! Worked with red cotton and gold lame' fused to the base. We used several desert icons, including the giant saguaro (say sa-war-o) cactus as our tree on which to place club activity 'ornaments.' It was an incredible week of planning, vision casting, sketching, ironing, stitching, laughing, grunting, groaning and completing this project together...a wonderful time of girl stuff and we will have those memories for the remainder.


Brian Reuwee said...

Thanks for your post and for helping put together the winning banner. It was great to have a strong group from Arizona.

Brian Reuwee
Alpha Zeta Executive Director

Reflections of life and art said...

Barb, I can see why they's a wonderful banner!!