Friday, March 13, 2009

In Harmony

Late last autumn, I had the joy of winning one of the many drawings on the many blogs that are out there. This one was different in that I won and I don't usually win anything! At any rate, it was from Noel, whose blog is beautiful and so is her doll! We've become friends as a result and she is currently awaiting a springtime table runner. If I do not get that in the mail to her soon, it will be too late for spring and I ought to begin thinking about summer! At any rate, here's Harmony. When you enlarge her, you will see the most beautiful face ever. Noel's ability to get a face from a flat piece of muslin is just an amazement to me and I am blessed to have both her and Harmony in my life!

1 comment:

Reflections of life and art said...

Barb, thank you for your warm comments...made me!
I'm so glad you like Harmony as she was only the second one I made...I always keep my firsts.
As for the table hurry I will enjoy it all year round....I'm just so excited!
Thank you for sharing a freindship with me...I'm very blessed!