Saturday, March 14, 2009

Art 4 Mail Potluck#4 Challenge Swap

Frequently at Art4Mail, we have a potluck swap, where we are free to follow any pathway we'd like in the swap. Lisa, our swap Mom, opens these swaps and then gives us about 45 days to complete them. Well, 45 days are up tomorrow and I needed to get in gear. I found these sweet little scraps in a bag given to me recently and decided they should be used somehow. I laid out the scraps on some fusible interfacing and once pressed and stable, began to slice the piece this way and that, then would sew them back together, butting the edges and zigzagging until I had a background that was quite scrambled. In order for whatever I was going to put on top to stand out, I needed to add a background. It was Katy who thought I should use cherries and I took it from there. The black was stitched onto the piece, cut to the 4x6" postcard size, I then went back and satin stitched in from all four edges, then pressed the cherries onto the black. Free motion quilting helped them stay in place and then the whole piece was fused to the postcard base. Four will be sent to fellow swappers; one will stay here with me. WayMooreFun!

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