Monday, December 22, 2008

Glad Tidings Wall Hanging by Art to Heart

Every December at the Grace Quilts brunch, I set up a benefit boutique table. I made several useful items such as table runners (some will follow) a few wall hangings and then there was this project! It came as a donation from one of our members who wanted it to be finished and then donated to charity. Well, if it was to be finished, it was up to me, so many, many hours later, the advent wall hanging was complete. It is from the book "Glad Tidings" by Art to Heart. The ornaments are hung up each day until Christmas. It was not a hard project, just a time consuming one. It was purchased by dear friend Sherry who bought it for her pastor and family. I am sure the children will have such a good time hanging up the animals, I guess the adults will have their fun, too. There are several sheep - one of them is blind and needs to be near baby Jesus - a couple of cows, some camels and a donkey--quite a herd, -- all God's critters and I loved making them. The people include the Nativity personnel, three kings, a drummer boy and a shepherd boy, also those three crazy angels in flight, and this is not counting the one whose got the whole thing in her arms! Below is a close up of some of them.

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Leah said...

What a wonderful calendar. The kids who get to use it will love it I'm sure.

P.S. TAG!! your it! I have posted 8 random things about me on my blog and have tagged you to play along next if you would like. :)